All Vastu for quick conceiving of baby

Every mother and father will start dreaming for the future offspring after conceiving. … It is good to have pictures of healthy and smiling children in a pregnant woman’s room.

Every parent has a desire that his offspring will be virtuous, cultured, strong, healthy and long-lived. Vedic astrology has been told about many sacraments from birth to death. The first of which is considered to be a pregnancy. In astrology, some remedies have been given during pregnancy, when the children born with care, are virtuous and cultured.

A pregnant woman must do this work

  • In the room of a pregnant woman, the photo or statue of Lord Krishna should be kept in the room. During pregnancy, seeing the photo of Bal Gopal in the room repeatedly, the pregnant woman’s heart is pleased and the child is beautiful too.
  • To protect the child from negative forces during pregnancy, keeping peacock feathers in the room is considered auspicious.
  • To avoid negative forces, it should be sprayed with yellow rice at home throughout pregnancy. In astrology, yellow rice is considered an indicator of Mars, doing so does not have the effect of negative forces on the child and mother.
  • During the pregnancy, the use of white and light colors in the room of the pregnant woman should be done more and more. White is considered to be a symbol of happiness and prosperity and peace. With light colors, there is a positive effect on the pregnant woman’s mind and health, so that a healthy child is born.
  • It is believed that during the pregnancy negative forces are attracted to most of the mother and child, so copper or iron things should be kept nearby.

Pregnant women should not forget even this work

  • According to astrology, during the pregnancy, both husband and wife should sleep on their south side for nine months. It is inauspicious to sleep by keeping feet in the south direction.
  • A pregnant woman should not have a photo of ancestors in the room.
  • There should be no violent picture in the room. Like photos of Mahabharata or wild animals.
  • During pregnancy, the woman should not open her hair, especially while sleeping.
  • During the pregnancy, there should not be broken and old things stored in the room where the woman sleeps.
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