Astro remedies for child behavior

If you are too disturbed by the behavior of your children, then apply these measures:

In today’s time, anger can be seen in every person. In which small children are not behind. This temperamental and stubborn nature can be easily seen in children of nowadays. Because of which their parents are troubled and try to convince their children in some way to calm their anger, but they are all meaningless. So today we have brought for you some astrological measures which you can change by changing the stubborn and angry nature of your children. So let’s know about those measures.

* If children are too insistent then they should not be forced to cooperate with them. Just let them see Ganesha with a trunk of hand every day. This philosophy will improve their intellect and gradually their habit of insisting on it will be overcome.

* Cut 3-4 hair from the top of the child sleeping on any Saturday night. In the morning, wrap it in paper and burn it. Funk at the intersection at any time. Make a rosary Gayatri Mantra in a spoonful of poppy seeds. After that, roast the poppy seeds in 2 teaspoons of ghee and give them the baby in milk. Give 40 days to start from Veerwar, it will be very beneficial.

* Ganesha is considered a symbol of wisdom. By worshiping them, one receives goodwill and the person becomes humble. From their philosophy only, the habit of showing persistent insistence becomes absurd and becomes a civilized person.

* If your heart has become stubborn then let him roam his head every day to get rid of this bad habit, and make a request to remove his stubbornness.

* According to the scriptures, if a child is too stubborn, angry at small things, do not listen to the parents’ matter, because of Jidda, they lie down on the ground, irritability becomes the main tendency of his behavior. Ho. So go to Hanuman’s temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays and take his left leg vermilion on his forehead. By doing this experiment every Tuesday and Saturday, your child will stop joking and anger.

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