Astrological remedies for childless couple

Each couple wants at least one of their children is unfamiliar. Thousands of years ago, our sage Maharis have told us some rules and principles of childhood, the order of creation and destruction of the world has always been going on earth, and it will continue even further. In this sequence, a heavy Chetan is born, then it is followed and it is destroyed by time.

* As the seed is planted on time on the ground, the origin of the seed and the growing tree continues to grow smoothly, and when the time comes, the highest fruits are obtained, if the rainy season is the summer season If it is rolled in, then it will want the same type of weather and need of maintenance according to its nature, and if it is not found then it will be dry and dry, according to nature according to Pu Ruth and woman should understand the cause of conception. Your children will never be able to face the pain even after you follow them.

* Most of these medicines have been selected from ancient texts, and the Vaidas and the users consider them to be successful and experience proved. Some of the mantras have been done even more than the legislation, and the results are also fruitful.

* There are also some nights in which we should avoid sexual intercourse .. like Ashtami, Ekadashi, Triodashi, Chaturdashi, Purnima, and Amavasya. The statement of Chandrwati Rishi is that the birth of a boy and a girl is the right-hand side of the man and woman during conception. The action depends on the condition of the Pingala-towel Nadi, the sun, and the moon. If the right breath of the woman goes on during pregnancy, then the daughter and the left breathing should be a son. Sing

* If you want to get a son and he is also talented, then for your convenience, we are giving important information about the different nights after menstruation. In the first four days of masculine religion, male sexuality (disease) Is achieved. The method of producing offspring from fifth night should be done.

* At this time, the right and the feminine sound of the male should be followed, it is a very intelligent and accurate solution which is not empty. The point to note in this is that when the right tone of the male moves, then its right scrotum: immerses the sperm in a greater quantity so that the excessive pulmonary sperm is released. Therefore, the son is born only.

* If husbands do not wish to attain children and want to get involved, then they can have sexual intercourse from the eighteenth day of the menstrual period until they return to menstruation, in this period the probability of conception is not equal.

* After four months of pregnancy, the couple should not have sex. If there is sexual intercourse after this, then future children remain in danger of being crippled and patient. After this period, Mother should feel blessed to worship God with peace and happiness and read the reading of literary literature. It has an extremely effective effect on the fetal system

* If there is a problem in getting the children from the birth defects of the couple’s birth defects, then in order to overcome the obstruction, the children should chant the million dollars of Gopal.

If the child is becoming an obstacle factor in the child, then listen to the Harivansh Purana; If Rahu is obstructive, then obstacles arising from childhood can be overcome if there is a Ketu obstructor from Godean, Saturn or Amangal obstruction. Are.

* In Vaastu Shastra, some major defects are reported, due to which the child is not attained or the growth of the clan stops. The reality behind this problem..What is its classical and astrological basis, you can get information through your horoscope … For this, you should read the text of the Harivansh Purana or the Gopal Mantra.

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