Health Problems Solution by Astrology

Health Problems Solution by Astrology Health Problems Solution by Astrology – Mental Health Problems are the main or main causes, which can be widespread, in most cases, no one can surely ensure that the reason for any particular problem is, It is likely that there are many or different types of problems in which there is a combination of factors, although there are some people in it. The following factors are more profoundly influenced by some things than others, which can potentially trigger a period of poor mental health in the form of childhood misuse, social isolation, somebody’s death, long-term stress, unemployment, poverty etc. If you have been suffering from a disease for a long time and despite your millions of efforts, there is no improvement in your health or if any member of your family is suffering from any disease, then we will tell you some such remedies so that you can get healthy work . Yes, there is also a solution to this problem in astrology. With just a few simple steps you can get rid of both your physical and mental disorders. According to Astrology, every disease is related to some planet that is either weak in the horoscope or influenced by another planet.

Keep these astrological measures away from yourself and your family.

  1. Release the water on Peepal tree every Sunday except on Sunday. Also, orbiting this tree. Men should rotate seven times but women do not rotate.
  2. Offer water to Bholenath on every full moon.
  3. Make the new moon light by adding the lamps of Mehndi in the morning. Make a fourth lamp and add 7 urad grains, some vermilion, 2 drops of curd and burn two pieces of 1 lemon, worship the image of Shivaji or Bhairon and burn it.

According to astrology, the planets govern the person’s body only. Horoscope is not only a person’s mirror, but it reflects on which planet, which time will give you physical pain, a long and fierce illness. According to the Kala Purusha theory, the human body has been classified on the basis of the horoscope and the Navagraha. Normally, people suffer from colds, coughs, and colds when winter comes. Planets can also make the home of diseases and also keep life healthy. Even cough is also called cough disease in Ayurveda. This is the first time the patient has pimples, soreness, itchy etc. in the neck and some in the throat feels full-filled. Occasionally the taste of the mouth gets spoiled and the disfigurement towards the food.

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