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This article will prove a boon for the people who know the promotion of the job in a promotion. In this article, we are giving you simple solutions to get job advancement. People associated with the job profession are waiting every year for promotions and increments. Every year, every person who is getting a promotion and salary increment for better performance and hard work is happy, but sometimes it happens that the people who are working do not get the fruits of their hard work. There is some kind of obstruction or obstacle in their promotion. For such people, Vedic astrology has been shown to improve the job. Through these remedies, the people doing jobs can easily get the fruits of their hard work as promotion and increment. Let’s know the tricks of getting a promotion in the job.

Astrological approach

In Vedic astrology, there is a sense of action in the tenth house. With this sense, we get a sense of job and business. Apart from this, the lord of the eighth house and the eighth house informs us about our performance in worldly life. According to Vedic astrology, many planets are beneficial for the tenth house and give auspicious results. Among them, Sun is the cause of our goal and ambition in the field of work. Mars provides energy to fulfill our professional aspiration and motivates for better efforts. On the other hand, Mercury is the cause of intellect and knowledge, hence the influence of Mercury gets enhanced in the field of work. By the grace of Jupiter i.e., there are many good opportunities in the job and business, as well as in the field of careers. Apart from this Saturn, who is called Karma Officer. They give every person auspicious fruits and punishments on the basis of their deeds. In the male zodiac, Saturn is the lord of the tenth house. For this reason, Shani Dev inspires the man to discipline, dedication and commitment in the work and work field.

In the horoscope, the suffering of the owner of the tenth house and the suffering of the tenth house brings troubles in our professional life. When a cruel planet remains in the tenth house and gives inauspicious results, it results in problems in the job and business. In such a situation, delay in getting a job, getting out of the job, not promotions, being dissatisfied with the job and seeing all the problems in the career. This can be traced from the study of the horoscope.

Astrological Advantages of Getting Promotion in the Job:

In the horoscope, chants belonging to the lord of the tenth house should be changed.

If a person suffers from the side effects of different planets, then there is a problem in the job. To solve this, the Navagraha Havan at home or Abhishek should be anointed at the temple. With this effect, negative energy is removed and positive energy is transmitted. Navajava Havan and Abhishek also get rid of the defects of Rahu-Ketu.

Water on the sun god during sunrise and chant Gayatri Mantra or Sun Mantra. By doing this, there is progress in business life. The positive energy received by the influence of the sun gives a man the power to fight the difficulties in life. With this effect, you will be able to work in coordination with your senior colleagues and officials at the workplace.

On Saturday, the burning of oil in the Shani temple is also going away. Chanting Shani Mantra reduces the side effects related to Saturn. With the positive energy received by the grace of Saturn, new energy is communicated in our professional life.

The business growth instrument is a boon for those people who do business. Install this device in your workplace or office. The positive impact of this instrument is to eliminate the crisis of monetary gain, satisfaction, and financial loss. It also helps in expanding business and business partnerships.

Apart from this, according to the principles of feng shui, the north direction is related to the increase in career and professional life, so taking action related to it leads to advancement in the work area. North direction represents water, blue, black and purple color. In such a case, putting water containers, fountains, aquariums and different colors of fish and other sea creatures in the north, as well as putting blue or black paint on the wall in the north, is very beneficial for professional life.

We hope that the measures given here by Astro Gaurav Ji will become the cause of your promotion, job acquisition, and increment!

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