The stubborn nature of the child is behind these planets

The nature or behavior of any child is also influenced by the behavior and conduct of his parents and family members, but each child has its own natural nature and nature, which is present in the child’s birth, and gradually the child becomes its own natural Nature goes down, the behavior that develops in any child affects its surroundings, but it is very special As such, in determining the natural nature of any child, his birth planetary state plays the main role, in the same kind of nature the child is born in the child’s horoscope in the birth of the child. As with astrological vision, all other components of the life of Negrgo Jataka

In the same way, the position of the planets is controlled even by the nature of the person, in that, we are specifically discussing the children who are very stubborn, angry, irate, and have been living in their childhood since childhood. We all often see that some children are very stubborn and do not listen to their parents, then some children will be very soon irritated. And most of them live in irritable nature, so let us know which special planetary people make stubborn and angry nature.

The first quote of the horoscope

The first quote of the horoscope (marriage quote) is considered to be the nature or nature and the fifth house influences the nature of the fifth house is the place of intellect, but in particular, Mars is considered to be the cause of anger, stubborn nature, aggression, an uprising. And Sun has been considered a factor of monopoly, then Rahu is considered to be a factor of vengeful nature, then these planets are special here but only Mercury Wisdom, Jupiter Vivek, and F Dramaa stubborn and aggressive attitude with Tue Rahu sun controller Planet of mind is likely children in these certain conditions give rise to.

  • If Mars and Mercury are together in the horoscope of the child, then the child is very angry and stubborn.
  • The sum of Sun and Mars in the horoscope also makes the child angry and stubborn nature.
  • If Mangal and Rahu are together in the horoscope of the child, then the child is very aggressive and in such a situation, he starts annoying on small things and does not listen to anyone when he sticks to it.
  • Mangal Ketu’s composition made in the horoscope also creates a tendency to keep a child angry and stubborn nature and remain firm on his talk.
  • If the guruchandal yoga is made by Jupiter and Rahu together in the horoscope of the child, then in such a case the child is neglectful and often speaks abusively.
  • When the Moon and Rahu are in the horoscope, the child irritates very quickly.
  • If there is any misfortune in the first house of the horoscope or the fifth house such as Guruchandal yoga, eclipse yoga, a yoga of Angarak Yoga or Mangal Rahu, etc., such a child also has more anger and stubborn nature.
  • The children of Mars in the horoscope of the horoscope are also stubborn in nature and their arbitrators.
  • The presence of the sun in marriage in a child’s horoscope makes dominating the child.
  • If a child is in the horoscope of Saturn Mangal, then such a child is stubborn and agitator.
  • Being in the horoscope of the child along with Rahu of the planet also makes the child stubborn and arbitrary.
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