Astrological Remedies for Job Transfer

Astrological remedies for a job transfer

First Remedy: If you want your transfer to be someplace where you feel comfortable, then you should donate a little good on Sunday, without peeling pulse, wheat copper lota and red sandal in the poor. This makes some yoga that is transferred to your desired location.

Another solution: To transfer you to your desired place, you should put water of red chili seeds in copper for 21 days and offer water to Sun God. Also, present some red gifts in your office, if an officer in the office is not taking a gift from you or you are hesitant to give him a gift, then you can give a gift to any poor person too.

  • Third Remedy: Get up early in the morning and bath in the Braham Mahurat on Friday. Then wipe the white dessert or curd with your stroke 7 times, while doing this, you pray to the moon god that “O Lord God! Help me get transferred —– (name of place) to me. “. After that, you should put sweets or yogurt on a quadrangle before the sun enters. Your wish will be fulfilled, and when your mindset is complete, then you also keep kheer in the place.

Fourth remedy: If you work in a place where you are well settled but suddenly you are transferred to some other place, then to stop the transfer, you have to take 5 gm stool with an ant, and it is in a deserted place. The guards have to come. Keep in mind that what you dig through the pit, do not bring home with it, but throw it away.

A mantra of the desired transfers:

  • First Mantra: You should wash your face early in the morning and wear yellow clothes and sit on a seat and ‘Param Brahma Paramatmna Namah Pratishtha’ can be done to illuminate Brahma Hariri. Trigunamatne shows all kautukani, Dattatreya Namah (your name) Siddhi Kuru Kuru Swaha || “Junk the mantra 21 times. After chanting the mantra, you must eat food and include the good in the food. Wishing your wishes for the desired movements will definitely be fulfilled.
  • Second Mantra: You take the water of a copper lime and 108 red chilies, and after bath take this water to God Sun God. While offering water you chant the mantra of “Ghiri Surai Adityan Namah”. If you chant this mantra for 21 consecutive days, then your desire will be fulfilled.

Third Mantra: Prepare the daily ghee in front of Lord Ganesha daily and offer 21 extras to them. Along with that you also make 108 chants of Lord Ganesha’s discords.

Lord Ganesha’s Shadvinayak:

– Modaya Namah

– Pramoday Namah

– Good evening

– Dummakaiya Namah

– Unavoidable Namah

– Vighnkarte Namah

Friends, there are some easy ways and mantras to get you transferred to your desired place, or you can change the place of your transfer. So if your transfer is also going to some place where you do not want to go, then you must take these measures, you will definitely get the benefit.

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