Astrology and Child Birth Problem Solution

Often people ask such questions that they are the children of their destiny, or they will remain completely childless. In the modern materialistic era, where marriages are taking place too late, there is a problem like this. But still, a completely disheartened person becomes the cause of great concern.

There is a very detailed discussion on this topic in astrology. Therefore here in this article, we will highlight especially the points of interest for the people, due to which any person is suffering from childless Yoga. In addition, we will bring out those ways in the following articles, which by adopting a childless person can enjoy the happiness of his own children in his life.

Firstly, a horoscope of Pisces is mentioned in front of you, in which completely innocent Yoga is present:

In Shani third house, Ketu in Pancham Bhavya, in the sixth house, Sun and Venus in the seventh house, Moon in the eighth house, Rahu and Mangal are in the eleventh hour, in Saturn III. If you look carefully, the fifth house, which is fully responsible for the offspring, is sitting in itself Ketu, the third full sight of Saturn is falling on the fifth house, along with Rahu sitting in the eleventh house and the seventh fullest view of Mars is also Saturn effect Being on the fifth house.

Child Birth Problem Solution

That is, in this situation, the fifth house is severely tortured, itself Panchmish Chandra has reached in the eighth house, due to which the possibility of childbirth in any form ends.

Also, look at the position of child factor gurus. Here the child factor guru is sitting in the ninth house, but he himself is suffering from the full-page view of Ketu and the complete seventh vision of Saturn. In such a situation, emotion, emotion, and factor are all three sufferers, so there is no possibility of childbirth.

So here you see the horoscope of a living person, in which there is no child Yoga. Now let’s understand that in which situations, a child’s Yoga is created:

  1. Cruel, sinful planets exist in the fifth house
  2. Jupiter’s presence in the fifth house
  3. A vision of cruel, sinful planets at the fifth house
  4. Going to the fifth of fifths, octal or dashash
  5. Combat or vision relations with the pious, cruel planets of Panchami
  6. Jupiter, five-parent and child factor Jupiter all suffer
  7. The fifth in the ninth horoscope
  8. If the fifth house and Panchamas are not seeing any auspicious planet and they are harassed in any manner described above, the situation of childhood becomes automatically.
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