Bollywood Celebrity Astrologer Gaurav Agarwal

Do they say what’s in a name? Well, our Bollywood stars believe there is a lot to it! Many believe it is their name that connects better with the followers. The Indian film industry is flooded with actors who prefer to use a different stage name, some for a numerological purpose, others just to have an easier name for fans to remember. And if you thought this trend of rechristening oneself before entering movies was some decades-old trend, wait until we tell you whom all from the contemporary actors were born with different names.

A lot of our celebrities have a firm belief in the influence of astrology. Their solid faith in astrology is evident from the astrological ornaments that numerous top Bollywood celebrities wear. Though many of them avoid confessing their connection with astrology a few of them openly admit that astrology has played a key role in their success story. Read on to know about celebrities who share a deep bond with astrology and wear astrological rings to seek the maximum benefit:

Amitabh Bachchan

He wears Neelam and Panna rings. This is a strong indicator of the fact that this superstar believes in the power and effects of astrology. He has accepted in several interviews that he wears these rings for astrological reasons in order to improve his career and health.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Moving onto the path shown by her father-in-law, Aishwarya also is highly influenced by astrology. Huge Neelam and Opal ring on her fingers is the indication of the same.

Kareena Kapoor

A big Coral ring and a small Pearl ring has become an important part of Kareena Kapoor’s accessories. She has been seen wearing these rings on several events.

Bollywood Celebrity Specialist Astrologer

Here is a Bollywood celebrity astrologer who owns a Vedic Astrology Agency known as Samyak Astro Point. His predictions are 90% correct till date. He is consulting many Bollywood celebrities as well. But he is so humble and simple kind of person in spite of so much popularity.

Bollywood celebrity astrologer depends on three important things, to improve their career in showbiz. First is Connections, second is PR and third is Astrology (other than talent). The planet Venus rules film industry; it is comprised of music, talent, arts, acting, beauty, and other cinematic talents. Any act which is done, any song which is sung, any dance which is performed, is an exhibition which is made by planet Venus. Other than Venus, Rahu represents the art of acting. Rahu, because it can deceive, it can hide and can portray something else. There are various combinations to check the success in cinematic talents, however, that is not relevant to the question, so I will try answering it in its relevance.

Astrology or for that matter any of the esoteric sciences have a great connection to virtually every rank and file of Bollywood on account of the immense insecurity they face. Especially in today’s scenario when an actor or an actress does not generally have a long stint and hence in the little time they have they want to hit it big. Bollywood celebrity astrologer is here where these esoteric sciences ranging from Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Vastu Shastra, etc. come into play. They firmly believe that this science will work magic for them.

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