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After marriage, the biggest curiosity of the people remains to know how many children will be of you. Well, the hand line is also studied to know this, but today we will tell you on the basis of your amount, how many children you are likely to be.

It is important that the offspring be very good, it is also important because the weak children will not do anything for us nor will they become old age, nor will the nation and society be found, they will get something from them. Therefore, it is our duty to give a child, who is healthy and heart-healthy, who can do something good for his family and the country. Every time whenever Leo and Scorpio get married and they are the last day of the day, then sit in front of the child Gopal Yantra and chant the children of Gopal Yantra.

Child Problems Solution Specialist

There are many people who chant the mantra of the Gopal Mantra but when the marriage has been done for five to seven years and the children are not getting it, then for those people, this Leo or Scorpio should do it in marriage and that too when the day In the end. The child of Gopal Mantra used to benefit more from this time and should be performed in front of the chanting machine, and if it is proved then it is very good. God has given such powers to some people that they see this device, keep it with them and then give it to you, it becomes proven, but it is very rare. Till then you take the device yourself and clean it and take the name of God, it has become a life-force. Start chanting by doing regular bath, etc. Quote, a million mantras. After this children will also become the signs of origin. And in this way, the child born after chanting mantra becomes healthy with both body and mind.

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