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Human beings are incomplete without education. Education develops personality and simultaneously increases your self-confidence. After receiving the education, the person focuses on his career so that he can get a great life. If you already know what your education will take you into, then how good it will be. Let’s tell you what your education says according to Horoscope. Everyone wants to succeed in life but the most relevant (main) question is how to achieve success in life. When some people are unsuccessful and some successful, there should be some facts to be recognized between the two. We know that the struggle is difficult and victory is more glorious. However, it is also true that success in life only results from the struggle in life. Knowing about some small insights into success in life can definitely bring significant changes in your success journey. So, how can astrology help you with success?

शुक्रश्चतुर्थगो यस्य गानविद्या विशारदःः।

चतुर्थस्थस्सोमसुतो ज्योतिश्शास्त्र विशारदः।।

1- If Venus is in Fourth house, Jatak is expert in songs and if Mercury is in the fourth house, then Jatak is the knower of astrology.

रविर्वा बुधराहुर्वा पंचमस्थानसंस्थिताः।

ज्योतिर्विद्याप्रवीणस्याद्विषवैद्यवरो भवेत्।।.

2- If the Sun, Mercury or Rahu are situated in the fifth house, then the person is a well versed and a good doctor in astrology.

3- If the Sun and Mercury are located in the second house, then the Jataka is expert in astrology and if the Sun is the sight of Saturn, then the person is well-versed in mathematical knowledge.

4- If there are Sun and Mars in the second sense, then the person is an expert in logic. If there is Saturn, Sun, and Mercury in the fifth house, then the person will be an expert in Vedant science or he will be a good teacher.

5- ”बुधभानू केन्द्र कोण लाभस्थौ गणको भवेत्। द्वितीयस्थौ यदि भृगुः कविताधर्मश्नुते”।। That is, if the Sun and Mercury are located in the first, fourth, seventh, tenth, or fifth, ninth and eighth house, then there is a human counter. If Venus is in the second house, then man is about to make poetry.

6- If Rahu is in the fifth house, then the person has the ability to know others’ mysterious expressions too. In the fourth house, Rahu makes the mother a long life.

7- If the guru is located in the second place or in his higher zodiac, then the person is the knower of the Vedas-Vedanga.

8- If the second and the guru are located in the center or angle, then the person gets all kinds of education and he gets respect and respect from all the people.

9- In the second place, Mars makes a person proficient in logic. If the moon is located in the second place, then there is a ritualistic ritual that performs devotional worship.

10- If Venus is in the second, then it is known to poetry and rhetoric. If there is a Saturn in that place, then the person is an evil tendency.

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