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Observe the terrace: Vastu-wise pleasant terraces reflect in comfortable and sound sleep. A pleasant terrace here means that there should be no hanging on the bed, designers of false ceiling designs on the bed, building ceiling fans, abstract design in the ceiling, wild chandelier, spider mesh, casual, scale or old color The layers of open, faded colors, damaged cornices etc.

If one finds any of the above-mentioned negatives, then he should set the fast as soon as possible, lest sleep may be obstructed or disturbed. Such negative things can slow down fatigue, lethargy, depression, and speed of life. Vastu consultant for a house, Vaastu consultant for house VAT, Vastu consultant for the house in Jaipur, Vastu consultant of Gurgaon House, Vaastu consultant for the house in Jaipur, Vastu consultant for a home in Jaipur- Vastu consultant for home.

Vastu Shastra Tips

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According to Vastu Shastra Tips Home

  • The house should not be built under the stairs.
  • Torn pictures or broken idol worship should not be at home at all.
  • Pooja house and kitchen or bedroom should not be in the same room.
  • The house owner’s room should be in the southwest direction. If not possible in this direction,
  • So north-west direction is the second best option.
  • Guest rooms should be towards north-east. If it is not possible to make room in the north-east,
  • So northwest direction is the second best option.
  • No one should have a bedroom in the north-east.
  • The south-east direction for the kitchen is the best.
  • It is best to have toilets and bathrooms in the south-west direction.
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