Remedies for love/marriage problems

The first condition of any relationship to be deep is respect. Not only husband and wife but respect for each other is very egoistic, from relationships to relationships. Even if we go beyond the limits even during humor and jokes, then the opposite person gets hurt. In such a situation, it is important to understand that the extent of everything is there. As soon as we cross the boundaries, we lose respect there, and there is a negative impact on relationships.

All of us know this, that the bond of relationships is very fragile, whether it is husband or wife, mother-in-law, father or son, brother or brother, between them, sometimes there is a dispute between them. Only goes. If the matter is limited to the nozzle, then it is fine, but if the form of discord takes place, then the family environment becomes stressful. According to astrology, there are different expressions of planets and social relationships in twelve quotes of a birth magazine. In the person’s horoscope, the impact of planets, planetary masters, interconnected planets, planetary vision, etc. affect the relationship of the person, which favors the relations of the family members.

In the transit, if the planet is in an unfavorable sense, then it gives inauspicious results.

Set your limits yourself

We feel better about ourselves and know what the boundary of the relationship is and where we need to stop. Even when we know this, we also cross the border, then the problem begins. If the husband and wife also tinkle each other and make fun of each other, then they will start getting annoyed at each other and they start complaining that they are no longer respected among them.

Many people habit that they taunt the matter and then say that we were joking, but when they make fun of someone else with them, they feel bad. Making a joke means that there are a laugh and smile on the faces of others, and not hurt them. People often misbehave with each other in the family of friends and friends, but keep in mind that in this mischief, do not hurt anyone’s heart. If we make a sense of our habit of repeatedly changing, we often argue that instead of changing that habit, if you do not like my sayings, then it is better if we do not talk about it. This approach is very wrong and negative. This creates walls in relationships. It would be good if you do not close the conversation, but make mutual conversations healthy and positive.

According to astrology, the condition of planets in the horoscope affects every part of the life of a person. Depending on the condition of planets, the age, health, wealth and mind of a person can be known. Along with this, the situation of the person’s relationship with the planets can also be understood. That is, due to the badness of the relationship, it can be ascertained that the horoscope of which planet is bad or good. It also means that keeping the relationships strong, the planetary condition can be kept well in the horoscope.

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