Foreign Settlement After Marriage Astrology

Depending on the combination of planets in a chart, going abroad can be good or bad too. Nowadays everyone has the craze of “green card and dollar”, popularity and craze in the west are increasing and due to the boom in job opportunities abroad, people are really excited about settling abroad, west second, On the other hand, India and its rich culture and spirituality are more interested in the fact that they have started digging our sacred knowledge. But now Indians have the huge craze for settling abroad, so almost everyone has the question of asking astrologers to us – What are the planetary constraints for foreign travel and settlement?

Some people are interested only for short visits such as studies, short-term jobs, while there are many who want to settle permanently in foreign countries because they have opportunities to offer good salaries compared to our corrupt India Where the reservation system is right from education, jobs have begun to reduce the scenario, talent does not often get opportunity and many such Gon is paid well abroad, this is the reason why they like to go there, but this one day will leave a bad impression on the Indian economy because talent is absorbed. Other countries flourish and raise them and even people like to go there because of this humiliating situation.

So what are the combinations of planets for

foreign travel and settlement?

The first and most important plan for foreign travel and settlement is the combination of Vedic astrology horoscope for the 4th house in the horoscope, the greater the opportunity to go away from the birthplace and settle at other places, the greater the relationship of 12th and the connection The 8th to the 4th also gives the foreign settlement. Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, fragments also play a very important role in this matter because they are 3 signs that come in 4,8,12 houses of the natural zodiac. In these zodiac signs, more planets give the opportunity to travel abroad.

The relationship between 5th and 12th masters from 5th to 5th can teach a foreign country in the modern context, it becomes simpler in astrology to know whether a person will go abroad or not Anyone have to know whether he knows? The astrologer can go abroad and can take the help of a life horoscope and see if that person can go abroad. In the case of Prana, along with the 12th skull subdivision of the horoscope, Pran Kundli will give an indication about foreign travel and disposal. Many girls want to marry NRI bride and are looking for marriage with a green card holder, it is also seen from connections between houses of 12th and 7th, 4th house related to settling abroad in the horoscope The first and most important criteria for this is. If some proposals have come in the hands of a person and at that time a question asks whether the proposal will be materialized and it becomes easy to trace in person for settling abroad.

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