Foreign settlement Astrology

It is true that some people are not going to get jobs in some foreign countries, some are getting jobs, some are doing new things, some people are going to do business on their business and are making international relations. Some are going for self-sufficiency etc. Objectives are different. You may be wondering if it is possible to know whether there is any indication of foreign travel / planetary positions in the horoscope or horoscope for foreign travel? The answer is yes. “From Astrologer Gaurav Agarwal Ji you will get clues from foreign settlement, but in the details I will discuss later. Today I will tell you the only way to travel abroad.

If Mars is based on marriage or is related to the Sun, then in the condition of Mars, there is a possibility of traveling abroad.

If you are in the horoscope of the horoscope then you can travel abroad too.

Jupiter’s condition is underway and it is located in the zodiac sign in the seventh or twelfth house

The condition of Venus is going on and it is located in the seventh house with a sinful planet

Saturn’s condition is going on and Saturn is located in twelfth house or in high tide

Rahu’s condition is going on in the horoscope and Rahu is located in third, seventh, ninth or tenth house in kundali

Ketu’s intervention in the Sun’s Mahadasha in the birth chart is going on even though the possibility of going abroad

If in the Mahadasha of Ketu, the Sun is going under the direction of Sun and in the horoscope the Sun is located in Ketu from the sixth, eighth or twelfth house

In the Mahatma of Ketu, the moon is undergoing and the moon is located in the center / triangle or eleventh price

In the horoscope of the horoscope of Jupiter in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, there is a possibility of traveling abroad.


Foreign settlement astrology by date of birth

In the horoscope of the Rahu in the Mahadasha, the sun is undergoing and the sun center/triangle or eleventh price is owned by Rahu

In the Mahadasha of Saturn, Jupiter is undergoing intercourse and lord of Jupiter center/triangle or second or eleventh sense of Saturn

In the Mahadasha of Mercury, Saturn is undergoing and Saturn is located in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house from Mercury.

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  • When am I going to get my visa?
  • Is it possible that I have to go to the moon, space or any planet?

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