Will your desire to travel abroad be fulfilled?

The most common question, which the astrologers come from their clients these days, “Will I travel abroad?” Traveling abroad is one of the most cherished dreams of many people. With the expansion of the IT industry, many Indians have this ambition to travel abroad to fulfill their dreams. There are many reasons for which they want to travel – education, job, marriage or permanent settlement there. The following members are responsible for traveling overseas i.e. First, Third, Fourth, 7th, 9th and 12th.

Foreign travel for education:

These days students have the curiosity to study abroad and explore a different part of the world. This curiosity urges them to pursue their education in a foreign land. Foreign travel for education will depend on the relationship between God of 12th house and 12th house of 5th house or 5th house of God. If the God of the 5th house is kept in the 12th house or the Lord of 12th house is kept in the 5th house, then the person is likely to go abroad for higher studies or education.

Permanent Residence in a Foreign Land:

To settle permanently in a foreign country, there should be a rebellion for the 4th house, and secondly, the Lord of the 4th House should be connected to the 9th and 12th House.

Foreign travel Yog in Kundli

Case study

  1. In this chart, the owner of 9th and 12th houses, Mercury has been placed in the 4th house with the Lord of the 10th House Moon, which indicates the journey of a foreign country for education.
  2. Malik Rahu is also kept in the 4th house.
  3. Wedding God has been placed in the 12th house, which indicates permanent standing abroad.
  4. Similarly, in Chatthash, we can see that the owner of the 12th house, Mangal has been kept in the 4th house with Ketu, and Lord of the 4th house, Jupiter has been placed in the 12th house, which Confirms a permanent stay abroad.

Duration of foreign travel signs:

  1. Relationship of planets with the condition of the owner of the 9th house or 12th house or the 12th Lord.
  2. Planet Dasha / Interceptor placed in 12th house.
  3. Condition / intrinsic of male planets Rahu.

Note: See all these summaries from moon signs and even in ninth

With the advent of the Internet, people around the world started communicating with each other, sharing their thoughts and knowledge. People living in different parts of the world are coming in spite of their nationalism, color, creed, and religion. The spirit of unity is prevailing. Therefore, in these times, going from one country to another is very common on the basis of people’s education, business or employment.

When a person makes a long trip to go abroad, it will bring some important changes for good or bad because he is keeping himself in a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Astro Gaurav Ji can easily locate this important event in a person’s horoscope.

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