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Horoscope Predictions.

As per Horoscope and Gemstone Specialist Astrologer Gaurav Agarwal the Indian astrology in horoscope predictions uses the actual constellations of the formation of stars as seen in the sky. Using this traditional calculating system, he provides accurate and efficient horoscope predictions. These predictions and accurate diagnosis have helped millions to successfully carve their way. The Indian astrology horoscopes are simply based on the place, date and the actual time of an individual’s birth. Indian astrology Horoscope Predictions as well as astrology remedies by Astro. Gaurav Agarwal are highly authentic and all his predictions are believed to be the most accurate.

Gemstone Recommendation According To Your Horoscope

A suitable Gem Stone (Rashi Ratna) also known as your Birthstone will not only have the power of fulfilling your Desires but it will also favour your luck. A gemstone is considered to be one of the best astrological remedies that will help you overcome your miseries. The healing powers of gemstones are well-known. We will analyze your horoscope and suggest you gems according to your Birth Sign and Lagna (ascendant) and the position of the planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu) associated with the stone in your horoscope (birth chart). We’ll tell you what gemstone will be most suitable to you and how to wear it according to your horoscope.  It is must to purify the gemstone before wearing and chant the mantra associated with that gemstone. You may get this done by a Holy Priest or you may do it yourself. People wear these gemstones as Jewelleries, pendants and rings. But we recommend you to wear the gemstone in form of a ring so that it may bring you the most Fortune and Prosperity it can.

Gemstone Advice

Use of precious stones as a measure of remedy has been in practice since ages. Just be advised that, a gem useful for getting a job/status may not necessarily add to the cohesive force in a relationship. Therefore a blind use of the gemstone may, at times, bring misfortune to an individual. We give you a careful review and tell you the role of all the nine planets of your horoscope. While making such observations, there may be instances when none of the nine gems are recommendable for a person; in such cases, we advise the use of specific mantra or other remedial measures and not any gem-stone. When you avail the services, we will guide you through the following areas of concerns along with advising you about the suitable gemstone:

A Gemstone maybe good for a person but at the same time Hazardous. Whether it is a genuine need for you to wear a gem-stone or it may go only by following the provided Astrological remedies like Vashikaran Mantra for love back. We will guide you whether wearing a gem-stone would really fulfill the purpose of wearing it. Whether you should continue with the gem-stone already you are wearing or you need to remove it. What should be the weight of the gem-stone and in which finger it should be worn. In which metal a gemstone should be worn to bring you luck and make your fortune better.

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