How to get success in life through astrology

Good income, good job, big business, big bungalow, luxury car, the happy family are all a measure of success. In order to be successful in life, each person tries to do their best. To be successful depends on the hard work of a person, the fate is also important.

Man’s will is weak, man’s will is weak and so he cannot succeed in any work. According to Vedic astrology, information of the will of the person is received from his marriage. The lord of the marriage of a person is weak, then there is lack of courage and will. Such people dream big but they do not do anything. If the lord of the marriage is weak, then the person feels a sense of great despair.

If the weak moon is in the horoscope, the position of the moon is weak. If the moon is lowly, it is in the enemy’s zodiac sign or the sight of sinful planets, then the person is lazy. If someone tells such a person to do some work, he does not like this thing. In such a situation, they start away from such people.

According to the weak Mars astrology, the cause of Mars energy is the planet. In whose horoscope Mars is weak or sitting with lowly planets, there is a lack of enthusiasm and energy in the person. Such people become very disappointed very quickly. On the contrary, the people with strong mangoes will be unsuccessful even after repeated efforts in doubling energy. If Mars is not good then there is lack of confidence.

What to do to strengthen willpower:

  • At first, you have to work patiently. Do not get frustrated if failure fails.
  • Make some spiritual mentor and guide them.
  • Sit down with people with positive energy, stay away from negativity.
  • Stay away from people who just do bad things to others, see others’ faults.
  • Keep meditating and chanting of the seed mantra.
  • In the copper or gold ring on Saturday, hold Amethyst in the middle finger. But show any horoscope to astrology. Do not hold Amethyst if Saturn is dead.
  • On Monday, hold quartz or a pink rhinestone in ring or ring in silver or gold. Can be worn in the throat too.
  • Rhinestone can wear as a bracelet or garland. The will power grows faster than it does.
  • If you are looking for a real Rudraksha, wear a gold or silver pendant.

How to grow self-confidence

  • Take guidance from a spiritual master.
  • Keep mentally and mentally chanting a mantra.
  • Meditation by focusing on the red point to increase the concentration.
  • Have a face or face of 11 faces Rudraksha.
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