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If you want someone very much and want to get married, but for some reason, the thing could not be made, Love marriage spell can help you to some extent. Here are the tips and tricks of love that can be used to get married and to get a good life partner.

Mantra for Mother Lakshmi and Vishnu

Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Ji are an ideal life partner. In the story of Samundar Manthan, it is said that when Lakshmi Ji appeared, Vishnu had selected him as his life partner at that time. You can also achieve this surefire remedy of both of you in love. You have to start chanting the following mantra by continuing with a picture of Vishnu and Lakshmi on the evening of Shukla Paksha.

Mantra: ऊँ लक्ष्मी नारायणाय नमः

You should do this for three consecutive months and take the name of your love every day and request her to marry her. Good results will soon begin to come.

Ring banana tree and Thursday fasting:

The fasting of Lord Satya Narayan benefits in this. The girl should wear Topaz and Sunela and the boy with a ring of Marikan Jarkan or diamond. This love is helpful in marriage. Besides, worship of Banana tree also has special significance and burn a lamp of pure Ghee and pronounce 108 names of the Guru. Finally, sift the banana tree with water.

Radhe Krishna Mantra in Love Marriage Success

Radhe Krishna’s love is immortal in Hindu religion, if you worship these two then you surely get success in love and marriage. In the Shukla party on Friday, chant the above-mentioned mantra 108 times before Radha-Krishna statue. Within three months, all the troubles in love-marriage will be overcome.

Mantra: केशवी केशवाराध्या किशोरी केशवस्तुता, रूद्र रूपा रूद्र मूर्ति: रूद्राणी रूद्र देवता

Someone has rightly said that love is not lost, it is not done. When it is time to woo your mind and meet a partner who has a relaxed heart, it cannot be said. Love begins with the eyes and then it gradually falls into the heart. When there is a heart that does not believe then they want to stay together in marriage fast by promising to live together with each other for a lifetime. But when it comes to interfering with your favorite partner, the mind becomes disturbed.

Let’s know how the barriers to the Love marriage spell can be overcome.

‘ऊं लक्ष्मी नारायण नमः’

  • From the first Monday of the Shukla party, the success of love marriage is achieved within 6 months by continuously chanting at least one item of ‘ऊं लक्ष्मी नारायण नमः’ Mantra.
  • Red bangle, red chunariya, red cloth pair, red flower, henna, roli, red ribbon, seven red chunks of Shiva-Parvati should be offered on Monday and fasting on Monday due to a worship of Shiva-Parvati, success in Love marriage spell.

Love marriage is such a marriage. In which the boy and girl already know each other and it is very easy to marry in a modern society. Nowadays the boy and the girl can marry their own wishes. But some families still do not regard love marriage as good. Still, some people distinguish casteism. That is why many problems arise. If you also want to marry your favorite girl or boy, then we will tell you the Love marriage spell of easy vashikaran to achieve success in love marriage. By doing this you will have a lot of benefits and the marriage will be done soon! You will never get any kind of problem in Love marriage spell from these tips.

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