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Love is the most beautiful feeling of life, but it also brings painful problems and loneliness. We help you Love problem solution astrologer Acharya ji to get out of pain. Our astrologers give you real love, sex and relationships solutions. Through the astrological theory of love marriage described in Astrology, we are able to know whether the love of a lover or girlfriend will result in marriage. In fact, it is a marriage of love between the “lover and girlfriend” being transformed into a matrimonial marriage or if it is mutual love between a boy and a girl, then both of them start looking at each other as a life partner. And when that love gets transformed into a marriage, then we call it love-marriage. The learned and savvy society has seen love from its own perspective. Therefore love is distinguished in all forms, such as the affection of the mother and son, the love of the Guru-disciple, the love of Goddess, the love of the Goddess and the supernatural love, the love of marriage before the boy-girl etc. But the question arises whether all lovers can be successful in finding their girlfriend or boyfriend? The answer lies in both yes and neither, if a boyfriend is successful in finding girlfriend, then no one fails. Now the question arises why such a thing? For astrologer Acharya, this is considered to be responsible for being in the home of the high, lowly enemy region or friend planet in the horoscope of the Jatak’s horoscope.

Astrological principles or rules of love marriage

Fifth and the seventh and the relationship with Bhavesh The fifth house is the price of love and the seventh is the marriage, so when the fifth house is concerned with the seventh house, the lovers and lords are bound in the marriage form.

Love problem solution Acharya Ji

If there is any relation between Panchamesh-Saptamesh-Navesh and Lakshavan in any way, then the love of the person will surely transform into marriage. If the relationship with the ominous planets is also going on, then there will be marital problems.

Factors of love and marriage are related to planet Venus or Mangal’s fifth and seventh house, it is also able to get married. The Navam bhaav has an important role in all the bhavs, if the relation of the ninth bhav is related to the indirect or indirectly, the blessings of the parents are given, and this is the reason that the fifth bhav- Or not being secretly socially and family.

Love is possible even if Venus is situated in the place of Venus and in the Chandra Horoscope, Venus is located in the fifth house.

The ninth horoscope is considered to be the subtle body of the horoscope if the love marriage is not part of the horoscope or partial and in the ninth horoscope there is a war between Panchamas, Saptamesh, and Navesham, then the possibility of love marriage prevails.

If the sin planets are in the seventh sense, then the possibility of love marriage becomes.

Rahu and Ketu are related to marriage or the seventh house, then the relationship of love marriage is formed. Lonnesh and Saptamesh’s change of Yoga or only Saptamesh’s marriage or marriage in the seventh house also makes love marriage. Being married to Venus and Venus also indicates Love problem solution astrologer Acharya Ji.

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