Marriage problem solution Tantrik Baba

Love gives meaning to unconditional and thinking which makes an indescribable feeling.” Love “leads to the ultimate fashion, which reflects a strong desire. This affectionate love and affection and love of love are one of the most devoted it is a passionate scene, it means the complex emotions about your partner, it is a belief in conformity with emotional states. Most people get approval from their parents and marriage. They do not convince their parents and most of the people do not get the opportunity. Now in your life, you cannot curse and handle you, but at least you can try once. If we examine the Marriage problem solution Tantric in science and astrology. Marriage problem solution Tantric is not a solution to the problem, so you try in the field of astrology with the solution of love marriage problem and here you get an infinite answer to the solution of your love marriage problem with expert astrologer Pandit Devi Lal Tantric. Our Pandit Ji Tantric is solving everyone’s love marriage problem solution Tantric.

Men wishing for marriage should make women photographs of different colors on white paper for one to three months every day. If the marriage of someone’s son is delayed, then use this experiment, it is very simple and accessible to everybody.

Marriage problem solution

Only the root of every singer or the flower full of the full moon, the twenty-one times in the night, Press down under the Basil plant. Try this experiment, your problem will be solved. If the boy is obstructing or interrupting marriage, then give a white cloth on Friday. If there is a possibility of any external obstruction and it seems that due to the marriage being delayed, then after 108 minutes after the bath, chant the following mantra from crystal garlands-

“ॐ ऐं ऐ विवाह बाधा निवारणाय क्रीं क्रीं ॐ फट्।”

On Friday, for the boy’s wedding, 70 grams of Arva rice, 70 cms white garments, 7 mishti pieces, 7 white flowers, 7 small cardamoms, 7 coins, 7 Shrivakh Chandana clans, 7 Janeu on Friday for Shukla Paksha. Binding all of them in white clothes, the person with a vivacious person bathing in a safe place in the house, meditating Ishtadeva on Friday morning, and keep the brood in a place where no one can see the eyes. Keep this bottle for 90 days.

If a person is delaying marriage for any reason, then in Navratri, from 44 to 90 in the Navaratri, please chant the following mantra in front of the statue or the statue of Durga Ji

“ॐ पत्नीं मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुसारिणीम्।तारिणीं दुर्ग संसार सागरस्य कुलोद्भवाम्।।”

If there is a Mangal Yoga in the birth chart of the first horoscope in the horoscope of the horoscope, the fourth, seventh, and the zodiac, the delay in the marriage of the jatak, discord in the marriage of the husband, the weakness in the health of the husband or wife, divorce and If there is cruel Mangal, it can happen till the death of the life partner. So Jatak Mangal fast chanting the mantra of Mangal.

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