Mental illness Specialist Astrologer

There are many reasons for having a mental illness, for the information of these reasons, what is the basis of the horoscope on the basis of which the study of the sources of the horoscope will be found. The idea of all the organs of the body in the horoscope and the diseases or disorders that occur in it are thought differently. The idea of the brain in the marriage horoscope for disease and body parts is from the first place, the fifth person does the idea of wisdom and the moon thinks of the mindset. Apart from this, there is a special contribution in normalizing the mental condition of Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Sun. According to physiology, the brain is a very important organ in the human body. It is the central office of the body, from which all the messages and orders are transmitted, from large in the body to the microscopic organs.

Mental Illness Astrologer Gaurav Agarwal

The human brain can be divided into two parts, one in which the intellect works, the ability to think, think, analyze and make decisions are in it, this is called the subconscious mind. The planet is the Sun according to astrology. The thoughtful (subconscious) brain sleeps in the night, takes relaxation, or sometimes gets addicted to intoxication or unconsciousness. Having a disorder of this part of the subconscious mind, a person with a foolish, slow-minded and illiterate, undeveloped brain cannot obtain the means of pleasure either, and if he earns it, he cannot be happy with his proper use. All things become the trouble of life for him. Such people are said to be retarded, but they are in a normal way to have hunger, stools, breathlessness, blood circulation, and blinking of the eyelids for the body. This deformity of the brain has very little effect on the normal functioning of the body.

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