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If you are looking for a Nasha Mukti Mantra then you have reached the right place It is very difficult. It depends on what kind of drug it is. If a chemical is stuck in the clutches of intoxication, then it is not easy to recover from it. Pandit Ji has seen many families in very tragic situations. Many times there is a desire to come out of these things inside a person, but he cannot come. Many times there is no desire within him. He feels that he is not doing anything wrong. There is no way in this. People talk about improvement. For some time, they improve themselves, but after some time they are again trapped in the same clutches. Then all this moves in an endless way.

Pandit Ji know many such families their problems cannot be described in words. Once such people come into the possession of chemical drugs, they are ready to do anything. They can commit any crime to fulfill their needs. If your children are growing up then they will go out. School colleges will also go away. They need to keep an eye on them. Suppose they do something like that and if you come to know then you can stop them in the beginning and focus their attention on the other side. If the child has passed two years after doing all this, then the situation will get out of your hands. It is very difficult to get such a person on the right track. In such cases, there is no special way of improvement. Correction centers are effective, but before that, there should be a willingness in the person to leave it. If they do not intend and we place them in the correction center then it is not going to work.

Nasha Mukti mantra Problem Solution

Today, here are some tips that are inherent and extremely effective, by adopting them, you can get rid of this Nasha Mukti mantra problem of yourself or your son, brother, husband or other families.

Experiment 1. Yantra-Rudraksha experiment for the release of alcohol: –

Friends, this little saga has improved the lives of many. Anyone who drinks the parents, the siblings or the children can do it. Sadhana done with complete faith will not go unnecessarily and you will see results soon.

This is a 21-day experiment, for this, you have to make an undergarment or saffron device with a pomegranate pen on the festive or white paper. Make a new device every day. The experiment can be started from any Thursday.

Setting yantra by putting a pouch or a napkin on a wooden checkpoint, and placing a 9-face rudraksha in the middle of it is resolved to release its alcohol-

ऊं श्री गुरुवे नमः अमुकस्य मद्य मांस भक्षणं निवारणार्थाय सिद्ध शाबर मंत्र प्रयोग करिष्ये:

After this, chant the following Nasha Mukti mantra 121 times: –

Mantra: ऊं नमो आदेश गुरु माई का !ऊं गुरु माई तु ही दुर्गा तु ही भवानी तु ही नैया पार लगावे बिगड़े मन को राह  पे लावे , गुरु माई का ध्यान लगाया,  तेरी शक्ति मेरी भक्ति सफल करो कार्य हमारे आदेश आदेश आदेश गुरु माई को!

After chanting the Nasha Mukti mantra, after washing the instrument, the person drinking this drink is drinking water and after 21 days, the person who drinks in Rudraksha Black Dry and is in the neck of the drinker. Few days you will see its effect and the person will stop drinking.

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