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According to many conventional beliefs, each Vastu has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in the house, then he joins one type of specific energy, and this energy starts affecting them. But for those who believe, positive energy is very important for their homes. There are many Vastu remedies to ensure this in Vastu Shastra, due to which the house of any change (without any structural change) is filled with happiness. Finding the right Vastu remedy, solutions and suggestions will help you achieve success in your life. All you need is simple Vaastu like a perfect Vastu Specialist. Contact us

If we get art in heritage, then that art proves to be very useful for that person as well as for society. Gaurav Agarwal is a young and active astrology and architectural consultant. Astrology has a blood relationship with Pandit because his family has acquired greatness in this science and has been helping the society by this art for years. Our 20th Century is a century of science, Pandit Ji understood this very well and that was why he had decided in his childhood that he would help the society by mixing astrology and architecture with science.

While doing a master’s degree in science, Pandit Ji was getting astrology and Vastu knowledge simultaneously. After the master’s degree, he completed astrology courses from the Indian Council of Anthropological Sciences and the Pravin Jyotish Dasarad International Vastu Academy. For the past 20 years, it has been using its Vaastu Vidya in identifying important points of plot /land/building/ and solving their problems. According to the Vaastu rules, map design and architectural design are also benefiting people with professional advice. At the same time, Pandit is giving birth to positive changes in the lives of people coming to him with the help of astrology, so that these people are getting remedies for health, family distress and the elimination of economic problems. Due to the deep knowledge of Vastu and astrology, their articles are published in various astrology and Vastu magazines.

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