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Everyone in this era of unemployment is trying to get a job today. Today everyone wants success in government and private jobs but is frustrated by the constant failure. In this way, every person wants to know the ways to get a job. Several things have been said about the work of employment in religion and astrology. Let’s learn through this article to get a job.

Government job tips

Pursue Lord Shankar – worshiping Lord Shiva to get the desired job. Every Monday, go to the temple of Shiva, offer raw milk, whole rice (which are not broken) and tell your mind about Bholanath. By doing this, all the troubles in your job will be removed. The worship of Lord Shiva is an important solution for getting a job.

To receive Lord Shiva’s grace, worship of Parad Shivaling

To Bajrang Bali please be happy – to get a good job, take a picture flying in the air of Hanuman ji in the house. Along with this, please read Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday. Starting from Tuesday of any month, go to the temple of Bajrangbali, bare feet daily for 40 days and offer them a red rose.

Bajrang Bali: Hanuman Yantra will be pleased with the establishment of Hanuman Yantra

Ganapati ji’s do-adoration- Regarding job remedies, make any such letter of Ganesh Ji in the house in which any of his quartz is bent right. Along with this, worshipers of Lord Ganesha worship the warrior. Offer cloves and betel nut before them. Going on the interview, take that clove and bears together, all work will be proven.

Tricks of getting a job

If a cow appears on the way while going to the interview, then feed it to the dough and jaggery.

Give four cloves on one lemon and chant the ‘Sri Hanumte Namah’ mantra 108 times and take the lemon with you. Your work will definitely become.

Before going to interview for job, please chant the ‘Namah Bhagwati Padmavati Riddhi-Siddhi Daayini’ Mantra 108 times. When you chant with a true heart, your wishes will be fulfilled.

Mix seven types of grains and feed the birds every morning and go to the temple and be sure to see God.

In the evening, go to the temple of Hanuman jan, “Quan so kad kag kad jag mahi, no nah hah tatt yaat hain” “Dohe 108 times chanting

Every Saturday, worshiping Shani Dev and praying should chant “Shank Shanyascharya Namah” Mantra 108 times. By doing so, all the obstacles are overcome by any planet in the horoscope and the yoga increases for your job or employment.

Simple job

Before giving an interview, leave the curd and sugar in the house only. Keeping your right leg while leaving the house, doing this will make all the marsangal mangal only.

Take the bath before the sunrise on the interview day and mix some turmeric powder in that water. After this, burn 11 incense in front of God and pray for success. This is also a special way of getting a job.

If you are getting speculation in success, during the Shukla party, throw 7 pieces of turmeric, 7 jaggery straps, one rupee coin in a yellow cloth and throw it across the railway line. Ask at the time of throwing, letting work … By doing so, your chances of success will increase.

Peepal tree service has been mentioned in the Puranas to get employment or success in it. According to the scriptures, the Peepal tree has been considered as the habitation of the gods and the ancestors. Pipal tree on Sunday morning except for Sunday morning. On Saturday, add some milk to the water and burn the oil lamp in the evening. By doing so, the means of livelihood will be available and there will be profit in the job and business.

If you are not getting success even after lakhs of efforts, add milk in the well. When doing so, keep in mind that the well is not dry, there is water in it. Do not mention this to anyone while doing this measure. These are all important job tips.

We hope that by adopting these measures to get a job, all your troubles will be overcome and you will get success in the job.

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