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According to Vastu Shastra, the main gate (home gate) of the house is not only a place to enter but also a path to energy. According to Vastu consultant Gaurav Agarwal, “The main gate of the house is a passing place, from where we come home from the outside world. This is the place where good luck and happiness come home “. According to them, “The main gate is given more importance because it carries out cosmic energy that promotes health, wealth and harmony inside or outside. In addition, Main Gate also decides the first impression of the house “.

A direction of the Main Gain of the house:

According to Pandit Ji, “The main entrance of the house should always be north, north-east or west, as these auspicious directions have been considered”. The main gate should not be south, south-west, north-west or south-east. In the south or south-west, door lead metal pyramid and lead helix can be cured. While in the south-east direction, it can be improved by the Copper Helix when the door is in place.

The main door should be bigger than any other door in the house and it should open in a clockwise manner. There should not be three doors in one line, nor in parallel with the main door. Because it is considered a serious Vastu defect and it can affect the happiness of the house.

A material used in the main door of the house: –

  • The wooden door is considered the most auspicious for the main door.
  • South direction: The door should be a mixture of wood and metal.
  • West: Metalwork should be done in the door.
  • North direction: There should be an excess of a silver ring in the door.
  • East: The door should be made of wood and limited metal.

At present, Vastu based building has not been very possible. Where there is a flat culture, it is difficult to find a house in Vastu. The break-up of the building is even more expensive as the demand for a Vastu consultant. In such a situation, we will have to go back to the meaning of the meaning and return. In this Vedas, such measures have been given which are more accurate and effective than any other measures. In Veda, the standard of building construction has been fixed on the basis of Vastu. According to Pandit Ji, every person has a desire to make a beautiful house and stay in it. But a little Vastu fault can give you much trouble. But before adopting the expensive remedies for reducing the Vastu defect, take the head before Vighaharta Gajanan. Because many of your Vastu defects are cured by Ganapati Puja.

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