Vastu Problems Solution

A true Vastu can change a lot in your life. It is a solution to every problem related to your life. Your home and workplace directly affect your life. If there is a Vastu defect in any of the two places, then its effect will be directly on your life. This is where your problem starts and where you get the solution to those problems. If you start experiencing any problem, before moving on for any major change, get your house checked. It is your first step to improve your fortune, to improve your fortunes and increase your wealth.

Keep the locker in the north direction

The locker of your cash/money should not be placed under the beam, because it creates financial stress. In essence, the direction of your locker should be in the direction of Kuber. Lockers of money should be kept in a specific direction, but it depends on the location of your home and the date of birth of the head of the house.

Keep the mirror in front of the locker

Another way is to put a mirror in front of your locker, which shows the image of the locker of your money. This is the symbol of doubling your money.

Gives positive energy to the aquarium

Keep the aquarium in your home. It helps in improving various Vastu defects in your home. Keep in mind that the aquarium should always be kept clean and there should be enough amount of gas because it gives positive energy. You must always feed the birds and grains on the ground to build positive energy.

Do not keep broken tap

Broken or leaking tap shows the loss or waste of money, so to save water and money, repair the taps as soon as possible or change them.

Decorate the main door

Vastu Shastra is an important place in the main entrance. This property is the source of entry and exit of many things. In order to attract prosperity and wealth in your life, it is advisable to keep your main door decorated.

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