Vastu tips for infertility

Not getting children, then you cannot be the architect of your home, know the solution. It is said that finding happiness is the greatest good fortune and the one who finds this happiness is the most fortunate in this world. Some inauspicious planets of the horoscope produce obstacles to get this pleasure, even because of any architectural constraints, the couple who remain there will be deprived of happiness.

Vastu Shastra holds great importance in your happiness and prosperity. If there is any type of architecture in your room or house, then the couple living here have trouble finding children’s happiness. Today we are telling you some similar Vastu defects and some tips for removing them. With the help of these Vastu Tips, you can achieve child happiness in your life.

  • There should not be any dark painted paint in your bedroom. Do not place a picture in your room with a tiara mark. The married couple should not even wear a mirror in their bedroom. This leads to trouble and distress between the two. Do not even photograph the mountains in front of you.
  • Do not keep the water tank in the south-west direction of the house. Because of this, you may have problems getting children’s happiness.
  • Coupled in the house where there is no eco-dwelling, couples also face such a problem.
  • The situation at home T is considered inauspicious. This is called the house for the house. This means that such a house is toxic and inauspicious. People living in such a house are never happy and there is no problem in their life.

To get children happiness, please do it

  • If there is a tree in your house which does not flower, then it also causes obstruction in childbirth. This makes this problem even stronger. Usually, Ashoka and Keekar trees are considered inauspicious.
  • Do not place a picture or showpiece falling in the southwest direction. This causes infertility in the house. With this, the energy of the house stops at the same place.
  • Being restored in the north and east direction, children born with mental or physical disorders are born.
  • To destroy the positive energy flow and negative thoughts, remove these architectures from your home and have faith in God.
  • If you adopt these Vastu Tips in your home then you will soon be blessed with a healthy and intelligent child by God’s grace.
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